SONAR SKETCH: The Golden Artist By Harleen Kaur and Shalini Jha

Self-taught and ever ready to learn, Sona is the true treasure we found in Kolkata. Tested and molded in fire just like real gold, Sona’s life’s hardships have made her solid and bright. Having lost her father early in her childhood, Sona had to work twice as hard for her identity than the rest of us.

Her courage and resilience is awe inspirational and empowering. A lover of art since childhood, Sona began by painting on fabric. She would go wandering around the city of Kolkata and portray onto her canvas what she saw through the day. “There’s life in art when there’s art in life,” she tells us, painting her latest collection of hand-painted jewellery. Sona saw godliness in art as it gave her strength through dark time and now, Sona loves depicting gods and goddesses in her paintings. The earthy tones she uses in her work of making hand-painted Jewellery, reflects her grounded nature and love for nature.

During Durga Pujo in Kolkata, Sona is so busy that she has only a few days to prepare for Pujo herself. Her brush flows freely along the fabric as she pours her soul into the art she creates. “Women come to me and tell me that they’ve felt closer to gods or like the gods painted on the jewellery when they’ve worn my work.” Sona’s art immensely impacts those who appreciate it.

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