Everyday, thousands of people move to new cities to build a future for themselves, often having to leave behind a place that once they called ‘home’. Life changes with leaps and bounds but what remains unchanged in a corner of the heart are the memories of home. It is said that memories are like boxes full of chocolates. Once opened, one cannot resist from having it all. Similar is the nostalgia of the places from the past, be it the food or the laughter you shared with the people or the unique art & culture, one wishes to be transported back in time to relive those moments as one talks about it. However strong this desire may be, all onecan do is just feel good about those memories and then, have to go back to our fast-paced life and this memory box of ours only becomes a list of ‘places to visit again’ : a list that is not ticked off anytime soon. We all have craved for something from those places in our memory box that has left quite an everlasting impression on us.

Have you ever wondered that we live in a time where a copy of everything is available easily but we still crave for the authenticity in things? Why do our faces light up instantly when we talk about the memorable things or places from the past? It’s human! Now imagine if we told you that we can take you closer to your cherished memories. Wouldn’t that make you feel content? That’s exactly what the journey of Khoj is about. Khoj has the vision of “bringing the world closer” so that you can get those little things that you crave for or have a memory attached with, without any hassle and without actually having to travel to those places. Isn’t that great? We tend to remember the exact taste, texture, and emotions that were once felt, even after ages. With this mission, Khoj set off in the pursuit of happiness!

Come and revive the memories of your native places and discover the essence of different shehars, gullys and nukkads with us!