FACTS WITH KHOJ: Kolkata By Harleen Kaur

One of the first few places we visited during Khoj’s beginning was Kolkata. The heart of West Bengal, Kolkata seemed to have an old world charm that held us in its grasp so softly that we never wanted to leave. To honor our first Khoj, we bring to you some facts about Kolkata that will blow your mind!

1. The Oldest Tree in the World Kolkata houses The Great Banyan Tree in its Jagadish Chandra Bose Botanic Garden. The tree is almost 250 years old, can you believe that? Two and a half centuries, the ever-prospering tree has survived two cyclones till date, and still stands tall and proud!

2. Chinese Influence Classic hakka noodles, spicy schezwan rice, crispy chop suey…sounds very familiar, right? But we bet this won't: an eccentric combination of the aroma of Indo-Chinese cuisine and Bengali-speaking people with Chinese ethnicity defines can be observed in Kolkata’s own ‘Chinatown’! We were surprised when we found out that Kolkata is a host to about 2000 Indian nationals with Chinese ethnicity in its Tiretta Bazaar.

3. Only Indian city with a Tram Network Trams might be common to see in cities like San-Francisco but Kolkata has had an operating network of Trams since 1902! We believe it’s the trams that add the old world charm to the city of Kolkata as the tram network is the oldest running in the whole of Asia.

We hope you enjoyed knowing these interesting facts about Kolkata. We urge you to visit this beautiful city and experience these things by yourself as well!

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