EVENTS WITH KHOJ: Children’s Day By Harleen Kaur

On Children's day, our team members decided to explore Banjara Market and the surrounding community in Gurgaon. We spent quality time with the Rajasthani Luhar community children there and took the time to get to know them. Interacting with the kids, we learnt about their culture, lives, what they like and how they work. We took part in their happiness and learnt to play their made up games such as 'Aloo Gobhi'.. Here are their stories!

Rani, Kiran, and Sona: The inseparable trio! Throughout our time with the children, these three were always joined at the hip, never without one another. Rani and Kiran being the fun-loving ones usually boss the meek Sona around. Kiran being the most talkative told us all about her school and books and even offered to recite a few poems taught by her teachers!

Two little boys, Krishh and Hero refuse to go by their real name and find themselves forever in a fantasy where they're saving the world! Small happiness make them stronger as who they are.

A school going and well spoken girl, Kiran has a knack for english. With her sister chunmun on her Hip, Kiran loves being the elder sister. Throughout our time with these kids, Kiran was caring and feeding her sister and talking to her in english even though little chunmun couldn't understand a thing!

Shyest of the lot, Ram and Chhotu preferred sitting on the side and watching the other children play for a while but when they saw them having fun, they joined in and gave rise to a round of 'Aloo gobhi' a specially curated game by the gang which they play all the time!

Having built a fun bond with the children in only a matter of time, having played games with them, shared snacks with them, we all came together for a picture. The smiles on their faces and their struggle to decide between a piece sign or something else as a pose, captured in this moment is a memory we can never forget!

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