Hera Aaqil

Early in 2018, Hera started indulging in the creative process of hand-lettering, calligraphy and mandala art. She loves the fact that it sets her apart from the crowd and gives her a sense of unique identity. Hera loves pairing up colors with her moods, she gives the example of using different shades of yellow to express sometimes happiness and at other times warmth. Born in Meerut and brought up in Delhi, Hera is hugely inspired by the hustle-bustle of the capital city, “Delhi looks so small on the map of India, yet it’s huge in every aspect with wide horizons and wider thoughts.” says Hera. In school, Hera used to be a quiet child, finding herself unable to express her feelings, now studying in Kamla Nehru College, Hera found her release and she now expresses herself through her art!

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