In the middle of the mental health crisis, Aakriti turned to art as a form of meditation and solace. From the culturally rich city of Raipur, Chhattisgarh  Aakriti is a travel junkie! “India is so rich in terms of heritage and art, there’s so much to be discovered, so much that artists like me can take inspiration from. She was particularly inspired by Mandala art that women of Chhattisgarh draw on the ground with rice flour. It gave rise to her creating Zentangles and Mandala art.  “Mandalas and Zentangle arts give me peace. The symmetry mandala brings is too meditative and peaceful. The process itself gives me immense pleasure and peace of mind!” says Aakriti. Driven by the passion to keep getting better ‘Create - Introspect – Improve’ is the cyclical process that Aakriti follows to continuously progress in her art.

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