Neha Kothari and Neha Jain - KHOJ.CITY

Neha Kothari and Neha Jain

Founded by two women with the same name and the same passion for art, RMantra: Refined by hands, Run by heart, began with Neha Kothari and Neha Jai...

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Natasha - KHOJ.CITY


Always trying one or the other form of art, Natasha loved sketching, drawing and learnt oil painting since her school days. From Bangalore, Natasha...

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Geetha - KHOJ.CITY


After months of toiling and organizing, our creator, Geetha brought her project “Prerna” into the market place. She had always found solace in her ...

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Ananya and Megha - KHOJ.CITY

Ananya and Megha

From the city of Bhopal, Ananya and Megha friendship turned into partnership as they inspire each other as both friends and artists. With an innoce...

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