Nilanjana -


Act Paper Wings is an organization that works to benefit the environment as well as underprivileged women. At Act Paper Wings, women from rural are...

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Mithun -


Omcarve Laser Crafts, a Bangalore based brand of unique laser craft products run by Mithun single handedly, who is a uniquely gifted laser cutting ...

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Madan Ji -

Madan Ji

From Mewar School of Arts, Madan Ji has a niche for precise strokes along the plains of fabric. He learned the art of miniature painting from his b...

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Jinali, who is a doodle artist by profession and passion runs her brand Doodlejinnie Arts in Mumbai all by herself. She creates customised artwork ...

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Geeta Prajapati

From the beautiful city of Dehradun, Geeta paints rocks, diyas and several other things with only a motive of relaxing and enjoying herself. She re...

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Sujata Adhikari -

Sujata Adhikari

A Khojee from day one, aside from being a co-founder of, Sujata Adhikari is an enthusiast of all kinds of art! “Art is a release; nothing...

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Sohini Renaisa -

Sohini Renaisa

A modern fine artist by skill, Sohini takes most of her inspiration from the traditional art forms like Madhubani and Pattachitra that she observed...

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Sama Garg -

Sama Garg

In April 2018, ‘Strings Attached’ came into being when Sama was asked to highlight a technique of creating goods for her fashion accessories class....

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Roseleen -


Fun, frivolous and colorful, Mrs. Roseleen Bahl’s persona goes hand in hand with the art she creates. She amalgamates modern embroidery with ages-o...

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Princy Bansal -

Princy Bansal

Born and brought up in the capital Delhi, Princy was inspired by the various monuments in the city to make art of her own.  A keen learner and crea...

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Sunayana -


Having received art as a heritage from her creative father, Sunayana firmly pursued her passion for art after leaving her job as a Software Enginee...

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Swetha Bafna -

Swetha Bafna

Grown up on the land known for the Chauhan Rajput warriors, Jhalawar, Rajasthan. Shweta and her creative head is the only very rare gene you could ...

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Prabjyot Kaur

Kaurchet, a creative platform for crochet craft in Mumbai, run by Prabjyot, whose ideology is to transform this nearly forgotten craft into colorfu...

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