Surbhi - KHOJ.CITY


From the beautiful city of Dehradun, Surbhi has always been interested in creating something of her own. Moving to different cities, she realized h...

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Bharti Sharma - KHOJ.CITY

Bharti Sharma

A lover of relief art, colors, and happiness, Bharti Sharma has always had a love for art. Also a travel junky, she collects artifacts as well as l...

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Meraki by Tanu in Jabalpur, is an entrepreneurial arena of homemaker Tanushree. In her words, she always desired to express herself through her cre...

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Jeen Mary Mathew - KHOJ.CITY

Jeen Mary Mathew

Jeen’s tryst with art began from her childhood, the world of arts and crafts held gifts she craved. With a wavering interest, Jeen loves to try new...

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Sindhu R Udupa - KHOJ.CITY

Sindhu R Udupa

As a child, Sindhu used to watch her grandmother and mother knitting crochet items but she only learnt the art in 2014 when she was twenty. Sindhu ...

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Shweta Bhadada - KHOJ.CITY

Shweta Bhadada

Having inherited a love for art from her mother, Shweta would draw and paint as a child. Even after getting married and taking on lots of responsib...

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Ruchika - KHOJ.CITY


While making school projects during her summer vacations, Ruchika realized her love for arts and crafts and decided to take it further. Her passion...

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Ramanpreet - KHOJ.CITY


The Colour Story, a dream of Jabalpur based Ramanpreet, which she is living bravely by being her brand's only artist. It's Ramanpreet's love for co...

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Prerna Yadav - KHOJ.CITY

Prerna Yadav

“Art was one thing which always fascinated me and I found myself making various things as a hobby,” says Prerna. From the beautiful and cozy city o...

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Prachiti - KHOJ.CITY


The house of Mandala, from Pune, is a passionate venture of Prachiti who is a full time IT professional. In her words, creating the intricate detai...

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Working with mass-manufacturing jewellery brands helped Nancy realize the importance of hand made products. With newfound motivation to create new,...

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Hailing from the hills of the North East, Livi leads a calm life close to nature. As a young girl, she would watch her mother knit after she had fi...

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Kshitija - KHOJ.CITY


Kshitija, the creator of Art & stuff by Ksh Gurugram, believes that art doesn't need to be complex to be beautiful. She blends simplicity and j...

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