Sindhu R Udupa

As a child, Sindhu used to watch her grandmother and mother knitting crochet items but she only learnt the art in 2014 when she was twenty. Sindhu started making toys in 2015 as she started to collect more and more yarn and learn complex patterns. At first, she would use a ready-made pattern but now, she proudly uses her own designs and toy patterns. As a PG student, practicing the art of crochet would relieve all her stress and make her happier, and it even continues to do so today.  Living in a semi urban area with calm and quiet scenic beauty unlike a busy, bustling city helps Sindhu focus on her art. Having graduated Mathematics with gold medals, Sindhu’s shop is named ‘Cosine Crochet’ after her unshakeable love towards Maths and Crochet!

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