Khurja-The Pottery Town

An idyllic town in Uttar Pradesh, just a drive away from the National Capital, Delhi -Khurja is a popularly called the 'Pottery town' of India. Pottery is an art passed down through generations in this town. It is believed that the art was brought here sometime at the end of 14th century when soldiers from the army of Tughluq Timur in Delhi came and settled down here and practised their craft of pottery here. The potter's art has turned into a six-centuries-old legacy which is preserved by Khurja's artisans even today. It is a traditional skill most families imbibe as a value.

Khurja also supplies ceramic ware in large quantities for domestic markets countrywide as well as for export. This has earned it the sobriquet, 'Ceramics City.' Besides its acclaimed stoneware craft and paintings, Khurja is also famous for its sweet dish - Khurchan (no, that's not how the name of the town came to be!) made from the scarping of burnt milk at the bottom of the cooking dish. It is a delicacy that is a must-try, whenever you are here. Another sumptuous delight to the taste buds is the 'kanji wada'. Moong dal wadas are dipped in tangy carrot juice and served like a drink in a glass. It comes to your rescue when you've eaten too much. 

The nights descend quickly here. At about ten, shops close down and people retire for the night. Life in the town is not defined by luxury but simplicity.With small bazaars spread across the town and fairs at the time of festivals, even noise sounds like symphony here. 

Khoj.City brings to you authentic and handmade ceramic ware from the traditional artists and manufacturers of Khurja. Do visit 'the pottery town' to witness how hands breathe life in stones!