Mercy Jemima - Assistant Manager Partnerships & Alliances

A graduate in Bachelors of Commerce Programme from Janki Devi Memorial College (Delhi), Mercy is sincere and calm. Mercy adores her elder sister, as she is her pillar of strength. Hailing from Chennai, the goal of being financially independent brought her to Delhi. Previously a Teacher for an NGO, Mercy taught children in the slum area, “It gave me great happiness and I think that one of my achievements is having adjusted in an adverse environment and done work for the society.” In her free time, Mercy loves to ride her bike and Draw. Having joined in March 2020, Mercy has proved herself a quick learner. Her contribution to Team Khoj keeps on growing every day. “The team here at Khoj is very supportive. Handling a whole department at Khoj is a great feeling and I believe that I’ll experience immense growth here.” A song that resonates most with Mercy is Give Thanks by Stella Ramola.

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