Khoj ki Khoj

Khoj ki Khoj / Khoj ki Kahaani


At the Lucknow railway station, in the winter of 2018, the train whistled and halted. A feeling of ecstasy filled her as she deboarded. She adjusted the shawl and looked up at the gigantic domes that adorned the foggy skyline of the city she grew up in. The air smelled of grandeur and nostalgia. “Gud wali revri, good wali revri”, the vendors screamed and went around with their ‘tokris’ (baskets) filled with ‘revris’. It transported her back to her childhood. Revri was her favourite sweet. But not just any revri, she still remembered the taste of her favourite ones. Crispy sesame seeds cooked with the perfect amount of melted jaggery and just enough fragrance of ‘kevda’ (screw pine) to keep the nose teased as the tongue relished the taste of the sweet.
She travelled home and the craving for her favourite childhood treat only increased. She went around the shops of the busy and bustling Aminabad market in search of her favourite revris. She found sweet shops at every corner but she just couldn’t find the one that sold her favourite kind. So much had changed in her city. The sellers she had seen only a few years back there, were no longer in sight. Returning home, she thought how easy it would’ve been, had memories and the local merchandise been just a click away. This was the Eureka moment for the founder and CEO of Khoj.City, Mrs. Nitika Ghosh. This is how the seed of Khoj.City was sown which is currently blooming and blossoming. We explore the “shehar gully nukkads” across the culturally diverse India to get the traditional essence of small towns and cities through the local artisans and creators and aim to curate your childhood memories for you. That is ‘Khoj ki Khoj’, the origin story of Khoj. Our
founder is still searching for her favourite revris but in the search, she has come across inspiring stories, exemplary personalities and the beauty of art in myriad shades.

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