KHOJ KE RANG: The Colors that define Khoj By Harleen Kaur

It was our love for art and exploration that led to the birth of Imperatively, Khoj is a family of art enthusiasts.

When we were trying to come up with colors and textures to define us, we imagines what a touch of tradition would look like and most definitely, the color yellow came to mind. Yellow is warm, rich, hopeful, and happy; just like Khoj. The kind of yellow that we felt sang to us the most looked like the rays of the shining sun, a field of sarson, or a glass of turmeric milk in winters. Khoj stand for all things authentic and traditional. Saturated with a deep-rooted love for tradition, Khoj's arms are dipped in warm turmeric yellow.

On the other hand, our love for nature and how art borrows from its beauty inspires us on a daily basis to work towards our goal. Our quest to find art that transcends time is nothing without our love for nature. Khoj endeavors to help the planet breathe easier and we believe that the art we promote must be conscious. Therefore, nature is a huge part of what Khoj stands for and the color we chose to represent this facet of ours was aqua green. The evergreen trees, and the ever flowing waters; every bird, every sea, every flower represents our love for the gigantic piece of art that nature is.

Closely connected to, and constantly inspired by nature, Khoj's toes are dipped in vibrant aqua green.

Together, Turmeric yellow and Aqua Green make Khoj wholesome, ever connected to tradition, art, nature and the intense passion of our artisans. These aren’t just colors, they are a part of our identity, they are a part of what Khoj stands for.

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