FACTS WITH KHOJ: Ceramics By Harleen Kaur

One of our most successful collections has been the Ceramic-ware Items from Khurja. The clay pottery, hand-painted Kulhads, bowls and trays have been irreplaceable parts of Khoj.City’s catalogue and continue to be our customers’ favorites. We bring you some interesting facts about the Ceramic ware that Khoj loves!

1. The use of Jigger and Jolly Ceramic products are made with an interesting equipment called Jigger and Jolly. Jigger is a movable handle which holds the dye and the jolly is the rotating cavity in which the clay dough is placed to be shaped and dyed. The clay dough is then dried for the next step.

2. Hand-painted The paintings over ceramic ware are generally done in two ways; the Mughal art style requires the ceramics to be painted in a deep blue shade and then glazed, while the other way is to draw motifs, before glazing, like flowers or other patterns on the surface of the product in making.

3. Texture is decided by the Glaze - Finally, the ceramic item is glazed. Glazing is the fusing of a layer on ceramic ware to decorate color and strengthen it and to make it water-resistant. It is through glazing that the objects get the glossy, matte, semi-matte, transparent or opaque finish.

Hope you enjoyed knowing more about the products that help make your home beautiful and become your snack time favorites. Check out our Dining Essentials Collection to look at Ceramic-ware from Khurja!

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