Best Way to Mix Traditional Outfits and Contemporary Handmade Jewellery for Diwali

The festival season is all about playing with fashion, and if you haven't made additions to your wardrobe, no festival is complete. Diwali is upon us, and there is a peak in shopping activity. It's time to settle on a special outfit to flaunt for the main festival. But the festive look is not complete without jewellery. So, buying jewellery is one of the vital pieces to complete this festive look.

And handmade jewellery set is something that is trending among the youngsters as well as adults these days. Handmade jewellery refers to those pieces of jewellery that, unlike machines, have been created by hand. In comparison to the complete refinement and detailed designs that can be seen in machine-made jewellery, handmade alternatives are mostly sought out because of their rustic charm and elegance when selecting jewellery.

Handmade jewellery has its standing and appeal. Handmade fashion jewellery, while rustic and coarse, is one of the trendiest accessories that one can boast of. In the last few years, handmade jewellery has gained immense popularity among women of all ages, especially the younger demographics. The most appealing thing about this kind of jewellery is that, along with being inexpensive and reasonably priced, they are available in a range of handmade jewellery design and types.

Here is few trending modern handmade jewellery that can go with your traditional as well as indo western outfits. 

Enamel jewellery

A perfect way to add lots of colour to your metal jewellery pieces is handmade enamelled jewellery. To create a permanent bond, enamelling is fusing glass powder to the surface of metals. Enamel is a decorate coating applied to metal. Enamel jewellery is available is all multiple shades and shapes, and it enhances the overall festive look. 

Geometric shape earrings

If you love earrings that have some geometric form, this festive season is the right time to flaunt it. It's hard to go out without any form of earrings, a definite style statement. These geometric shape earrings are something that is becoming famous, and it comes in various materials and can be made easily. 

Wooden jewellery

Inspired by art from the walls of temples, galleries, dance styles, Indian folklore and even tribal art form the region, hand-painted wooden jewellery. There are various elements that go into producing these pieces of jewellery, from beads to cotton cords to treated metal. What makes it extra unique is that a team of designers individually designs each line of jewellery, hand-painted and assembled over a few months. Handmade wooden earrings, wooden bangles, wooden necklaces, women's rings, buttons and brooches are included in their range; and men's necklaces, bracelets, buttons and brooches.

Leather jewellery

Do you love leather jewellery, but if it is too old fashioned, are you unsure where to wear it or worried? Then you're going to find leather everywhere, from hats to earrings to bracelets! If you don't have any leather jewellery in your closet, you should look for the leather bracelets. Crafted with working women in mind, these pieces are perfect for everyday wear as well as for Indo-western outfits.

Hoop Earrings

If you feel that Hoop earrings are ancient, then you are wrong. Having a comeback this season is going to be a big success for the hoop earrings. They're here to stay, and it's essential to have at least one sort of hoop in your closet. You should check out the medium-sized gold hoops that are ideal for almost all occasions if you want something more modern and elegant. Wear them to your office or wear them to a party, and you're going to be the talk of the day. 

Kundan jewellery set

Kundan jewellery is never able to go out of style. Kundan handmade ethnic jewellery looks timeless and elegant, especially if you love heavy jewellery. And this type of jewellery suits all the traditional dresses and sarees. 

Terracotta Jewellery

When we speak about natural jewellery, handmade terracotta jewellery is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Terracotta clay is used for the creation of many objects, such as utensils, water pots, sculptures or jewellery. Ancient culture dates back to the practice of making handmade terracotta jewellery. The trend for handmade jewellery is resurfacing, and some uniqueness distinguishes this jewellery class from other forms of jewellery. Handmade terracotta jewellery is highly requested in modern times by fashion-conscious women. When clubbed with plain ethnic attire, the handmade jewellery looks outstanding.


The Chokers are back in town and before you decide that the chokers are not you kind, think twice. There has been a great development in chokers. From elastic chokers to fabric chokers, Big, bold metal chokers are trending this festive season. One big golden or silver metal chokers along with matching earrings with hoops is enough to slay the festive look. 

Crocheted jewellery

Crocheted jewellery bits are the fresh sensations that women are drooling over these days. Gorgeous neckpieces, fancy earrings, fashionable bracelets and finger rings from crochet yarn and crochet hooks can be produced. The beauty and sophistication of these crochet jewellery designs can be further elevated by the use of pearls, beads and buttons.

Beaded jewellery

Depending on which beads are used, handmade beaded jewellery can be some of the simplest or most intricate jewellery designs. To produce bracelets and necklaces, makers can use beads on a single strand of stringing material. A beaded necklace is a great alternative to hanging your centrepiece creation from a simple chain. Beads can be made of in a variety of materials. A broad range of sterling silver, gold-filled and rose gold-filled beads are available too. 

The craze for traditional Indian jewellery, however modern we have grown with time, has remained the same with its demand growing in almost all sections of society. The charm of traditional handmade accessories outshines all other forms of ornamentation when it comes to traditional Indian jewellery. And all these handmade pieces of jewellery can be bought from online easily and get it delivered to the house without much effort.  

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