Soon after gettings a new job in Bangalore, when friends started coming over often to Nitisha’s place, wine bottles started piling up. Data scientist turned artist, Nitisha had been interested in upcycling since her school time and finding it the need of the hour, she thought why not turn this abundance into art.  From a small place near the village Madhubani, Nitisha has been inspired by Madhubani art and keeps incorporating elements of it in her art pieces for Art Gilehri. The name of her brand itself is quite witty; a play on ‘Art Gallery’, the ‘Gilehri’ reflects Nitisha’s love for squirrels and their quirky behavior. “As someone educated, I feel the social responsibility of making use of things that would otherwise make our planet worse” and so Nitisha began her journey of creating stained glass artwork with Glass containers that kept piling up at her house!



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