FACTS WITH KHOJ: Khurja By Harleen Kaur

Not many people are aware about how revolutionary Khurja has been in the arena of pottery for India. Therefore, today we bring you interesting details about the city that provided us with many gems in the shape of ceramic-ware. Here are a few facts about Khurja, UP!

1. A ‘Cancelled’ town The name Khurja is derived from the Urdu word kharija meaning, cancelled or condemned, as the revenue for this town was waived because this land included many swamps and the agricultural possibilities were rare. Present day reality, Khurja supplies a large portion of the ceramics used in the country.

2. Ancient Pottery of Khurja About 600 years old, that's how old the art of pottery making is in Khurja. Astonishing, right? One of the oldest arts to be used as a source of livelihood in India, the pottery of Khurja remains a class apart.

3. ‘Pottery Town’ or ‘Ceramics City’ The inhabitants of Khurja earn most of their livelihood through the art of pottery. It has now become a heritage in Khurja and has earned the city the titles of the 'Pottery Town' of India and the ‘Ceramics City’ as well!

4. Khurchan - Few people know that Khurja, the small town in UP, is not only famous for its pottery but also for its sweet called 'Khurchan'. A sweet lesser known but no less delicious, Khurchan is a favorite among locals of Khurja. When you're in Khurja, do try it and sweeten up your mood!

We hope you enjoyed knowing a bit more about the rather mysterious yet beautiful town of Khurja. Check out our collection from Khurja in the ‘Dining Essentials’ area!

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