CREATORS OF KHOJ: Deepika By Harleen Kaur

At Khoj, our creators are loved and almost become a part of our family. Creators of Khoj is a special segment that talks about our passionate home based creators and their art. Today’s special creator is Deepika. Her world shifted when her father’s permanent job in an English medium school gave her and her sister scholarships to study there. Like all great changes, the transition from a Hindi to English medium school was not an easy one to make. Toppers at their old school, Deepika and her sister struggled with studies. Slowly, as they settled in, Deepika began stitching suits for the women in her neighborhood for pocket money and creative liberty. This small step sharpened her skills, and Deepika began to experiment with scraps of clothes left behind after the stitching was done to make decorative items for her home.

Over time, Deepika grew conscious of the zero waste nature of her hobby and practiced to turn it into a talent. At just 19, Deepika create fashionable clothing, aprons, bags and many more things from ‘Katrans’ or scraps of cloth that’s left behind with her.

At Khoj, we applaud Deepika from Nepal, for being conscious about her choices and making use of her limited resources to spread happiness and cultivate art where most of us would only see waste.

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