Night Music Red Handpainted (Earrings)

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Product Features 

Blue & Red
Items included:
A pair of earrings
Dimension in Inches(L*B):
2 by 2

Weight: 50gms
Material: Cardboard, Fabric. Acrylic Paint


The night with all it's calmness and unsaid words. The rhythm the nature has in store for you. With the hues of red and blue and shells made with love from the city of Kolkata to listen to what the world has to say. To bring out the calmness of the night and feel the comfort of the blue skies and happy days that will always dawn. 


Creator Name: Mrs. Priyanka Das


Mrs. Priyanka is the name behind the irresistible beauty of this piece of jewelry. Our talented artist hails from the ‘Cultural Capital of India’: Kolkata. She has a penchant for painting and handcrafting jewelry. is pleased to give artists like her a platform to showcase their flair.


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Customer Reviews

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Geeta B.

Just Beautiful !

Geeta B.

Very beautiful... Gives me a unique look from others !

Smita Agarwal

Beautiful stuff❤loved it