Kolkata-The city of Joy!

Kolkata, the capital of India's West Bengal state is known for its colonial architecture, rich culture, festivals and Nobel laureates from the fields of art, theatre, and literature. Kolkata is regarded as the 'intellectual and cultural capital of India' for all the right reasons. Its history is still preserved in its very architecture. It is a home to the finest and vast assortment of 19th century buildings, showcasing the true essence of the British Raj. It is a memento of the initial European Colonial Architecture in the Indian sub-continent.This city hustles and bustles on the bank of the river “Hooghly". As one walks around the city, one can always trace the memory and history associated with the “British Heritage” status of Kolkata. The beauty of each monument in Kolkata is unmatched or rather, only growing with time. But, you know what makes Kolkata a wonderful city to be in? It’s the people of Kolkata who are sweeter than “Rosh-u-Gulla” and as helping as “Mother Teresa”.

The city accommodates people from all walks of life and is the third most populous metropolitan city in India.The perfect combination of these wonderful people and the architectural beauty of Kolkata is a true example of what we call an “Indo-Western” fusion where these souls are deeply rooted to their origin at the same time their minds are liberated enough to embrace the modern change.

Trust us, when we say “Durga Puja (Pujo)” is the biggest festival of Kolkata none like any other in the country. It’s not just celebrated by the Hindus in Kolkata, but everybody looks up these holy 10 days of Pujo to begin and people literally plans their calendar around this festival. Furthermore, it is a perfect place for a street shopping spree and if you have proficient bargaining skills you can surely grab a good deal. Food lovers needn’t be disappointed as it’s a food heaven for all the foodies offering a range of multi-cuisine delicacies from Bengali to Chinese, from Street food to Mughlai. Don’t forget a tram ride around this city!

Nostalgic? We are here to bring the city close to you, as promised.