Ways To Flaunt a Kalamkari Saree

Kalamkari is a well-known type of block printed fabric, which is generally made of cotton. One of the two art forms of kalamkari in India is the Srikalahasti style, in which is pens are used manually to fill colours in patterns or to form different silhouettes. This style usually portrays temples and religious art on the garment. The other style known as the Machilipatnum style has its origins in Andhra Pradesh, and it greatly flourished during the Mughal rule. This block print style depicts patterns or motifs that are obtained from nature.

Kalamkari Drapes

Kalamkari sarees are made with this type of block printing in either of the two styles. The popularity of these sarees is mainly due to their sheen, which is got by keeping the fabric in a mixture of cow milk and mycrobalans for some time. This is what gives a certain uniqueness to the kalamkari fabric.

Hand Painted Pure Crepe multicolour Saree 

The other designs are usually created by dipping a bamboo stick in different dyes and inks to create a pen-like object for the artisan to use. The same technique is used to create kalamkari kurtis and other types of Indian ethnic attire. Kalamkari cotton sarees look unique because of the minutest detail used in print. Other than cotton, this print can also be used on silk.

The kalamkari design looks flawless on silk fabric because it gives the garment and prints an opulent touch. These designs are also referred to as kalamkari painting designs because very often, they are used to create paintings denoting temples and gods. 

Style Tips

For styling a kalamkari saree, designs used on the body of the saree need to be considered because the accessories, makeup, or shoes that are chosen should go well and enhance the general look and theme of the entire print. This is done so that it looks appropriate. 

Therefore, it is important to make sure that everything looks prim and proper when it’s paired together, and you have a beautiful dress and appearance.

While wearing a kalamkari saree, it is best to wear high-heeled shoes or sandals because they really go well and enhance the fall and grace of the saree itself and also make women look more stylish and graceful. Younger women like teaming it up with shoes such as platform shoes with their kalamkari saree, while older women choose to go for regular high-heeled sandals that are comfortable and look elegant. Both styles look good.

Since the kalamkari style is primarily a south Indian style, it is imperative to keep in mind that visual aesthetics related to this part of the country can really complement well with this garment. Gold jewellery sets look great and really enhance the natural lustre of the garment on the whole.

So, here we go with some classy tips to flaunt Kalamkari sarees. Once you wear such a saree, you are sure to get lots of compliments from people. So do not give a miss and try Kalamkari saree to look different, elegant, and stylish.


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