Twelve Jewellery Mistakes You Should Be Aware Of

You come across premium and budgeted jewellery items in the market. Before starting your shopping session, you need to know what it is made from. In case, the materials are not clearly specified, then the designs might not be made using gold, sterling silver other valuable metals.

Top 12 mistakes to avoid when shopping jewellery items

  1. Wearing daily the same jewellery piece: You need to break this habit if you have developed it. With time, it will get grimy and items like earrings may cause infections. It will also appear boring after some time. Add more pieces with time.
  2. Not being aware of the materials used to design of handmade jewellery: Be clear about the materials used to design the pieces. If unclear, ask the jewellery maker or seller for details. Inexpensive metal jewellery will lose shine over time and may cause allergic reactions.
  3. Not cleaning the jewellery pieces regularly: This is something not practiced by the majority of jewellery owners. It develops tarnish and grime over time and be noticed by others. Thorough cleaning is essential twice a year.
  4. Not creative with jewellery pieces and accessories: You can experiment them wearing different outfits. Be creative to be noticeable and praised by others.
  5. Wearing jewellery pieces when showering or swimming: Doing so, there are chances of losing it down the drain. Soaps, conditioners and shampoos may gum it with its residue. Pieces like opals and pearls when exposed to water or chemicals for long term may get damaged permanently.
  6. Use proper cleaning methods: Choose appropriate cleaning techniques depending on the material used in its construction. Otherwise, there can be permanent damage. Avoid using toothpaste, baking soda or alcohol for cleaning purposes.
  7. Not clasping the pieces after removing them: After removing your necklaces they should be clasped always to prevent tangled chains.
  8. Not storing the pieces properly: Do not store your jewellery items in areas with high humidity, especially bathrooms. Humid places are likely to tarnish sterling silver pieces quickly. They should be kept away from free-flowing air.
  9. Avoid shopping from cheap stores: Buy only from reputed and well-established handmade jewellery online shopping This way, you can avoid shoddy workmanship. Choose reputed small-scale manufacturer jeweller to buy high-end traditional jewellery items. Well-known independent designers can offer quality contemporary, artisan-styled pieces.
  10. Not considering essential ethics behind the purchase: Jewellery is rather termed to be an ethical minefield. You need to consider a few things while shopping like does the manufacturer use recycled metals, are the materials ethically sourced, etc.
  11. Not determining ring size: This will only result in delays, additional costs and frustration. Hence, determine the ring size before starting the shopping session. Either visit the jeweller in person to get the correct size or own a ring-sizer.
  12. Not selecting necklace to match perfectly the neckline: You can consider investing in necklaces of different lengths and types to fit with different neckline types.

Following the above guidelines will allow you to avoid those costly mistakes.

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