Top 5 Occasions Where You Can Wear Printed Sarees

Many Indian women love wearing a saree on almost every occasion. There are so many varieties in a sari that women are left confused as to what to buy. There are Banarasi sarees, simple cotton sarees, embroidered sarees, printed sarees, and so much more. We have listed below a few occasions when you can flaunt in a printed sari.

Daily Wear, Especially in summers

Georgette and chiffon printed sarees are ideal daily wear, more so in summer. We sometimes think wearing a saree in summer is uncomfortable. However, if you wear a saree that is made of summer–friendly fabric, it can be extremely comfortable even in the scorching Indian summers. So buy some printed sarees for summer wear.

Wear Printed Sarees to the Workplace

Formal sarees are easy to spot in India. Be it an executive job or the top managerial position in a corporate office; female bosses love to wear printed sarees. 

Printed sarees are also considered a perfect choice for Indian political leaders or those who are a part of the foreign delegation. Such sarees not only make you look different but also help you show your patriotic side and love for the country’s culture.

For printed office wear sarees, we suggest you go with small motif prints and fabrics like rayon and dupion silk. These fabrics are set extremely well and offer you the utmost comfort.

Wear Printed Sarees When Going Out with Friends

There are innovative ways to wear a sari. You can wear a crop top or a sexy blouse which has belts at the back and wrap a saree over it. You could drape a saree in different ways. The sari looks traditional as well as modern if you wear it like this. So, the next time you go out with your friends for an outing, you can try this out.

Wear Printed Sarees for Farewell

Whether it’s a school or college farewell, a printed saree makes the young woman look extremely elegant and chic. A printed saree looks fancy even on a 60-year-old woman who has her job farewell.

Wear Printed Sarees for a Party

Mostly, people tend to think that party wear sarees must be heavy and embroidered. This is a misconception. While embroidered sarees do make a perfect party wear attire, printed sarees are not out of the picture too. A heavy material printed saree can be most suitable for a party event.

Indian women’s love for silk is well known. Hence printed silk sarees such as dupion silk, poly silk, and butter silk rayon silk are much loved. We understand pure silk is difficult to manage as it is slippery, but if you find it easy to carry, don’t hesitate to buy ethnic sarees online in IndiaYou can choose a silk saree in abstract prints and team it with fancy jewellery for an excellent party wears look!

So women, here you go! These are the top 5 occasions where you can flaunt in your affordable printed sarees and make a unique fashion statement. Check the online shops for easy and affordable ethnic sarees online shopping India!

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