Make A Style Statement with Different Types of Bracelets

One of the most famous fashion statements these days is wearing bracelets that are popular at the moment. It is hugely trending these days. Be it traditional wear or western outfits; handmade bangle & bracelets go with everything. Standard bracelets are also very flexible and can be paired with several personal styles so that you can add them to your wardrobe safelyThere are varieties of bracelets available in the market. You can wear and style different bracelets with your regular and party wear outfits to create a style statement and to make your look more graceful.  Bracelets always look captivating and go well with any dress material or outfits. When you put on classy and unique bracelets, it draws the attention of your wrist.

Most buyers are moving towards a preference for handmade bracelet over mass-produced ones. It can range from basic pendants and bracelets hand-assembled to intricate designs that require hours or days to finish and professional techniques. However, each piece is created using only their hands and essential tools by a jewellery maker.

Some different types of handmade bracelets that you can buy are:

Charm bracelets

These are unusual bracelets with small hanging ornaments on their bracelets. They have personalised charms attached to these sweet little handmade bracelets. Whether it's a tiny souvenir from a destination or a reminder of a special event or person, the charm bracelet perfectly stores your memories. These bracelets are worn by many people to add exquisite details to their activities and freeze moments in a priceless way. To make them look excellent, various artisans style these charms with rhinestones or precious stones and metal frames.

Chain bracelets

To build a beautiful chain, these cute ornaments are specially made by interlinking individual loops. They are manufactured from various materials, including cloth, metals, plastic, and wood. The individual loops together look beautiful and give a detailed look to the bracelet. As they are very sturdy and especially complement the wrist, many individuals invest in these bracelets. Different bracelets are often personalised with beautiful charms and stones to match various outfits that give them a stunning finish. 

Beaded Bracelets

Such bracelets are made of beautiful beads that typically have a central hole that also allows the fabric or wire interlink. Their variety is accomplished by the exquisite designs of various beads that stand out and complement your appearance. The lovely beads are the highlight of the clothes and stand out. Artisans spend days inserting the tiny beads with delicate touches and then stranding them together. The goal of artisans is to create these small bracelets with extreme variety to fit the needs of every individual.

Leather bracelets

The leather bracelet, which is also made by hand, is another pretty and cool trend. Initially, the leather is prepared and then classically bundled into the type and sizes chosen. To make them look even more attractive, different ornaments or beads are attached to the bracelets. 

Gemstone bracelets

These stunning beauties are handcrafted as a piece of metal, and then the precious stones are put into the piece individually. According to the theme, the gorgeous stones are styled and then painstakingly added to create the final piece. Such fancy bracelets also represent a piece of history and have unbelievable meaning.


These are beautifully crafted, tight circles designed to match your hands. They are mostly made from metals and have specific designs designed by hand. Often, they are made of glass as well. Typically, however, handmade bangles design is made with copper or brass that artisans bend and mould with hands and special tools. 

Affirmation bracelet 

Affirmation bracelets are those that hold a message on it. You can get a personalized bracelet by writing positive lines, quotes, or a meaningful message on it. You can buy unique bracelets handmade and gift it to your friends and loved ones. They will love this unique gift.

Tennis bracelet

Tennis bracelets are one of the most sophisticated choices and are a perfect choice for any occasion. Tennis bracelets are popular as they include a diamond sting. Tennis bracelets blend in well with every outfit. You can wear these bracelets on a reception, red carpet, and kitty parties. They look perfect with every dress like a gown, skirt, dress, saree, Kurtis, and jean top. This jewellery piece is beautiful and can be worn with your regular outfits.

Designer bracelets 

These bracelets are customcreated by a designer and are very expensive. A designer piece is made-up of expensive material like gold, platinum, and diamond. The designer bracelets are unique as you won't find that bracelet at every jewellery shop. These designer bracelets last for decades and come with a large price amount tag. The designer jewellery is attractive and fascinating, and everyone craves to buy it. It is one of the classic choices to wear at weddings, cocktail, parties, or any other event.

Cuff bracelet

Cuffs bracelets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These bracelets are designed and made of stones like silver, gold, and bronze. Cuffs bracelets are easy to put on. They are one of the coolest bracelets. They are open and wider. While buying a piece of it, always check if it is adjustable or not. These bracelets fit with any outfit. Both men and women can wear this cuff jewellery.

Pearl bracelet

A pearl bracelet is elegant and is suitable for most outfits. You can wear pearl jewellery on different occasions. A pearl comes in white, golden, black, and other coloured pearls. Pearl jewellery comes in distinct designs and styles, and they always look eye-catching.

Slider bracelet 

Some bracelets are inconvenient to wear as they clasp and don't fit well, a slider bracelet is a perfect choice to avoid such things. These are easy to wear and comfortable. They blend so well on your hands. Slider bracelets come in different styles, shapes, and designs. You will surely love this kind of bracelets as they are adjustable. You can style it with your casual outfits and dresses.  

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