Five Home Décor Items to Buy This Festive Season

handmade home décor

Renovating or re-decorating homes for the upcoming holiday season uplifts the spirits and sets the tone for the festival year. Now is the time to go out and indulge in shopping the things that you've been watching all the time. Set up a little corner with your precious accessories, and give them their due, they’re sure to pep up a dull room. 

Decorating is something of a very personal exercise. You decide what items are going into your home, from the furniture to the rugs, the lights to the accessories — it's up to you entirely. Home decor includes several different design features, from the type of flooring you use to the arrangement of the furniture in each room. No matter what you want, you can make your home comfortable, functional and inviting with various combinations of colour, structure and furnishings. 

Home accessories are what give your home style and character, from the art collections to the teapots and everything in between. It's the accessories that you want to differentiate your house from that of your neighbour and make you feel like you're home. But even though you can decorate with whatever you want; every home should have a few essential handmade home décor items. Here are few must-have home decors you need to buy to make your house better. 


Throughout history, candles were used to provide light, warmth and atmosphere in the home. They’re often associated with romance and a great way to create a relaxing or calm mood. Candles can be used in several ways in your home, from small candle sets to large pillars with their decorative holders. Also, today's candles are handmade and based on their colour and style; they complement the décor of your home.

House plants

Houseplants are a great home accessory, not only because they look good, but also to make you feel good. Research has shown that plants not only absorb and turn carbon dioxide from the air into oxygen but also neutralize toxic chemicals such as polyethene and formaldehyde. You can always set plants in a hand-crafted vase to make it look elegant. 

A tray

Trays are perfect, for a few reasons. They are useful for holding several objects but even better than that; they can be used to give decorative vignettes a sense of organization. If you through several items on a tray, they look better instantly. And trays are also decorative accessories on their own, so find something you like in a style and colour.


Getting wall art is a great way to add character and personality to a living space. It's even better if this isn't the kind mass-produced and sold in big box stores. The term "personal art" means you’re unique in that. It might be personal photos framed and hung on the wall, something unique and hand-painted by someone else. You can get handmade home décor online too.  

Table Settings

A well-set table adds the only zest to the delicious food that will be served, and around which moments will be shared. During the festive season, you can buy some handmade cutlery that adds elegance to the setting.

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