CREATORS OF KHOJ: Anjani By Harleen Kaur

Blessed with a loving and supportive family, who appreciate her talent and creativity, Anjani takes pride in her skill at the art she makes. Even though she wasn’t the best at studying, she realized her true interest lies in art very early on. After several lessons from online tutorials, Anjani began her artistic journey towards who she really is and what she truly loves.

Anjani’s string art is made on a wooden base by hammering nails into it and then filling up the design with zigzagging strings or thread patterns. Anjani can create just about any pattern in string art and on various sizes of wood with precision; she keeps trying to create new things as art keeps her motivated. 

Her technique with String Art is sharp and the result of all the hard work she puts in is commendably clean and accurate. She chooses color palettes, the wood, threads, and nails herself, and doesn’t stop changing things until the art satisfies her. “Art is the only thing that has no boundaries and you can create your own rules.”

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