ARTISANS OF KHOJ: Khurja By Harleen Kaur and Shalini Jha

Khoj’s quest for Passionate artists brought us to the skilled hands that shape ceramics in Khurja. Knowing the stories of the people behind the everyday products you use in your home and watching them put their souls into their work first hand is an experience in its own. True to Her Roots and Unpretentious, Sheela has been a part of the pottery family called Dadoos

Ceramic Group for 30 years. The city of Khurja, and her passion in ceramic making has defined her life in many ways and continues to do so. Her husband is the manager at Dadoos and her daughter takes part in the work as well. Sheela has never felt the need to leave her job and look for more profitable things despite having a choice, it’s her work and the people who support her that give her true happiness, and that’s what truly matters when you’re an artist like Sheela.

On the other hand, strength and fearlessness define Manju, an extremely talented artisan. Manju hails from Delhi where she was a daily wage earner. She has now been associated with Dadoos

Ceramic Group for quite some time and finds dignity in her job. Manju's task consists of assisting in the coloring of the ceramic ware and giving it the matte or glazed texture, as required. She brings out the beauty in mere clay and stones with creativity.

Boldly Independent, Krishna works at Dadoos Ceramic Group and helps in taking forward the traditional art of making ceramics. Her job is cleaning and dusting the ceramic plates before the finishing process. A very crucial member of the team, Krishna has come to work timely to clean almost two hundred dishes everyday for the past three years. Her hands work with unbelievable speed while one watches in awe!

Khoj.City proudly celebrates women like Krishna Khoj.City is happy to have women like Sheela, Manju and Krishna in our family of skilled artisans. All they needed was a chance to shine and we’re gladly there shining a light on them.

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