7 Things You Need to Know About Handmade Jewellery Before You Buy Them

Handmade jewellery is jewellery that is assembled and build using hands instead of machinery. It provides individuality and personalization, which is not possible for mass-produced jewellery. There's also something unique about handmade jewellery – great appreciation comes with the time, thinking, and commitment needed to bring together the intricacies of a truly handmade item. Here are a few things that you probably didn't know about handmade jewellery,


It's older than you think

Handmade jewellery has been around for far longer than most would probably guess-indeed since before the era of genetically modern humans, jewellery has been created and worn. Scientists have documented ancient jewellery, which is believed to be as old as 130,000 years. This ancient jewellery was crafted mainly from stones, bones, animal teeth, and shells before the invention of metalwork.


The Time Value

Since machines are not involved, it takes an incredible amount of time to produce just one piece of handmade jewellery. Often a lot of time is spent by the designer coming up with handmade jewellery design. Once the design is complete, it may take up to a few weeks to produce. That is a great deal of devotion, care and attention to your jewellery.


You help real people

When you buy from a huge company, it's hard to know exactly where your money is going. Investing in handmade jewellery ensures you have a connection to the artist. If you know them personally or feel like you know them after hearing their specific story, you should purchase. This money is used to purchase clothing, food and vacations for those you respect for their artistic ability. There is something very rewarding to know that your money is going to something good.


A story behind every single piece

You are part of the tale; the maker or artist tells through their work when you wear handmade jewellery. Every artist has a different reason for jewellery design. The designs convey a message. You may only know the true meaning behind it, but you feel the connection between you and the person who made it.



Smaller-scale manufacturing is almost always of higher quality because the ability to monitor and manage the process from beginning to end is inherent in the process of producing. Makers and handicrafts men are incredibly proud of their work. They won't let anything of poor quality leave their studio with their name thereon.


Made with Local Love

There is significant interest in promoting urban communities from a financial viewpoint. Artisans and producers are infusing love and energy into every piece of work, and many designers are using local goods, materials and people to help create their creations. In addition to the extra value found in handmade jewellery, you are also purchasing a genuinely special product that allows communities to benefit. Handmade jewellery online purchase is also available.


Every jewellery is One of a Kind

When you think of it, pieces made by hand are always unique in their way. Any two handmade jewellery pieces are not the same. Even if the handmade creation is part of an edition, you probably won't run into people wearing a similar piece of jewellery as you did. You're the only one with that particular piece of jewellery that says a lot. They are often personalized and custom made especially for the clients.

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