5 Party Wear Saree Trends Every Woman Must Try

Party wear sarees are in demand. If you are bored of wearing the usual sarees, this post will help! Let’s look into the party wear sarees trends that are in trend.

Solid Colours are in trend!

Solid coloured sarees are flourishing and so much in demand. They are good for work wear, casual wear, party wear, and what not! These sarees are the least stylish but exuberate great elegance, which is the biggest lifestyle trend followed by today’s generation. The design element is minimal as compared to the usual embroidered and printed sarees. Mostly, it’s the border with the embellishments that are the main attraction. The rest of the magic is created by the colours!

Floral Print is blooming!

Until a few years ago, you wouldn’t spot a woman wearing a printed saree to a party. But now it’s what you will see at most parties. But none of us would like to look ordinary, outdated, or just be a part of the crowd. In order to look attractive and stand apart from the crowd, choose a floral printed saree in light pastel shades. A saree that gives a little contrast in the entire look would catch all attention. Try it!

Broad Borders & V-neck Blouses are flourishing!

We’ve already talked about how solid colours are winning hearts. But just a solid-coloured saree would not do justice to a party environment. It would look too simple for a party wear look. To add a bit of elegance to your style, go for sarees that have very broad borders. Remember, this look is more apt for thin women as broad borders make you look fuller. A broad border saree look complements well with a V-neck blouse. V-neck blouses are in vogue anyway, so try them, ladies!

Self-Printed Sarees look stylish!

Fashionable women love to wear Self-printed sarees at parties. Although it offers a minimal look, but it does look fancy. Keep in mind that for self-printed sarees to look really good and unique, the fabric must be of very good quality. The quality of the fabric makes a big difference in the overall look of the dress. But it’s not enough to wear a regular self-printed saree. Go with a narrow eye-catchy border with a self-printed saree to complete the look. We suggest you stick with the basics – a metallic-coloured lace.

Designer Blouses look great!

Not many women paid attention to the saree blouse long back. Those in the fashion industry love flaunting designer blouses. Embroidered blouses, blouses with fancy backs and blouses in jacket style, long-sleeved or backless with latkans are in. While choosing party wear sarees, just buy the usual minimal styles we recommended above wear a cool blouse with a fancy back. You can also go for the designer blouse if money is not an issue.

So here you go! These are the top five party wear sarees trends that you can try this year. Your sari surely will be the centre of attraction at the party!


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