When she was young, Shipra was always more attracted to creativity; she was fascinated with art and wanted to create something new. After starting her career in IT services, she soon realized that it did not fulfill her natural creative instincts. That’s when she began making accessories for herself, which were appreciated by friends and family. When they started asking if she could make similar pieces for them, it gave birth to her brand ‘Suvesha’ in 2015! “Jewelry making is such a satisfying and calming process. Many tiny pieces are artfully combined to form a beautiful piece of art and it becomes a part of one’s personality!” Says Shipra, “I also have a passion to serve my community; I want to propagate traditional art forms of India and help underprivileged women turn it into a profession.”

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"I never leave the house without my jewelry. It just adds that extra sparkle."

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