Rita Sinha - Upcycled Newspaper Art

Rita has always had a flair for arts and crafts. After her children grew up and she had enough time on her hands, she decided to pursue her passion for art. She started with painting and pottery, but she felt something was missing from her art. Rita became conscious of the various things we let go to waste daily.

Tired of the newspaper stack sitting at her home and eating dust, Rita from Bihar, took it upon herself to the otherwise dull and discarded newspapers interesting. With the help of her daughter Sheryl, she learned the art of making things out rolling and coiling newspaper. One could never tell looking at the baskets, pen-stands and other objects made by Rita that they are made out of newspaper.

“The real impact to be made is on the young minds,” says Rita. She teaches her art to children at an NGO as well. She believes that if children are made aware of how we could control our wastage and turn it into art from a young age, it will become a part of their lifestyle and stay with them forever. Often, children with minimal resources would come to her, astonished that they could make the things they have had to keep buying all this while for free and minimize the waste they produce.

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