Niche Newspaper Blue Upcycle Coasters

Rs. 457

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Product Features

Colour: Blue, White
Items included:
One coaster only
Dimension in inches (L*B):
4 by 4

Newspaper, Adhesive, Colour, Lacquer

 Circular in shape, these linear and satisfying-looking coasters are made out of repurposed and coiled newspapers! Handcrafted and painted in deep green, these coasters are just as tough as any other yet sustainable and eco-friendly. The minimalistic yet classic design is fun to display in your home!


Creator Name: Nilanjana

Act Paper Wings is an organization that works to benefit the environment as well as underprivileged women. At Act Paper Wings, women from rural areas sit together and create environment-friendly products from Newspaper that would otherwise go to waste. Green and sustainable, these women learn on the job and are assisted by the organization so that they can become independent as well as grow a love for the environment and sustainability.

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