Initials Red Hand Embroidered Hoop

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Embroidered artfully over a somber white background, this hoop art displays your own or your loved one’s initials! The detailed embroidery in red and black and the negative space of the letter create a great contrast. Perfect to adorn your home with, this décor item will bring a touch of personalization to your space!

Creator Name: Rucha

Hailing from the heart of India, Rucha is endlessly inspired by Madhya Pradesh as well as the many other places she had the chance to live in. “Having married into the city of Nawabs, lived amidst the slaying beauty of Uttarakhand or be it Kanpur, where I currently stay, the amalgamation of cultures and perspectives have helped me sharpen my skills.” After trying many other arts like crochet, tatting (shuttle work), knitting, etc. Rucha felt a magnetic attraction to embroidery and found herself coming back to it every time. “Doing embroidery is so serene; it calms my mind and soul.” Rucha’s artwork reflects her wide viewpoint and her love for the people around her. She feels especially delighted when people are able to connect with her art 

Product Features 

Colour: Multicolor
Items included:
 One hoop only
Dimension in inches (diameter):
 500 gms
Anchor thread, Wooden embroidery hoop


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