Hang On Yellow Handcrafted Macramé Wall-Hanging

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Skillfully woven by hand, this fine piece of macramé uses various knots and hitches to come into being. Hanging down from a wooden log, this wall hanging is great to add a bohemian touch to your walls. In bright yet eye soothing colors, these pieces of macramé art will make all your guests jealous!

Creator Name: Sama Garg

In April 2018, ‘Strings Attached’ came into being when Sama was asked to highlight a technique of creating goods for her fashion accessories class. Sama was so fascinated by macramé art that she decided to open a business that summer. “I love to create things manually,” says Sama “just by learning a few knots, I could improvise and create lots of new designs!” macramé was an instant click with Sama. Even though macramé art takes a lot of labor and hard work, Sama’s sheer passion for creating upcycled utility items by hands keeps her inspired. Exploring the streets of Delhi and photographing her friends wearing her creations while visiting monuments is Sama’s favorite feeling.

Product Features 

 Mustard, Mint & Cinnamon Gold
Items included: 
1 Wall Hanging only
Dimension in inches (L*B*H)
 50 gms
 Cotton Thread


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