Crème Brulee Blue Pottery Snack Bowl

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Decked with white or sometimes traditionally colored tuberoses, this snack bowl is replete with the traditional rich, pastel, and bright shades of Jaipur Blue Pottery. Hand-painted with care and skill, this bowl is perfectly shaped and glazed, which makes it ideal to fill with popcorn while you watch a movie, or make yourself a fruit salad after a workout!

Creator Name: Ankit Sharma

From the city that is famous for its blue pottery art, Jaipur, Ankit Sharma established the brand ‘Blue Jaipur’ in 2014. “Due to the fading legacy of the art and the unavailability of artisans specializing in blue pottery, we started our brand with the sole target of reviving this art.” As the city of Jaipur is the land of art and royals, its immense beauty keeps on inspiring the team of artisans at Blue Jaipur to work on their traditional and eye-catching designs and keep the art of Blue pottery alive.


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