Perched Peafowl Green Handpainted (Necklace) set

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Product Features 

 Green & Yellow
Items included:
Necklace with a pair of Earrings
Dimension in Inches(L*B):
20 by 4

Weight: 100gms
Material: Cardboard, Fabric. Acrylic Paint

Painted by hand in complementing shades of green, blue, and white, this necklace presents a peacock perched on a green tree. With accents in black, orange and yellow, the necklace emanates a mystical and natural aura. As the thread-based chain and colorful beads add a burst of color, this necklace will quickly become your favorite!

Creator Name: Mrs. Priyanka Das

Mrs. Priyanka is the name behind the irresistible beauty of this piece of jewellery. Our talented artist hails from the ‘Cultural Capital of India’: Kolkata. She has a penchant for painting and handcrafting jewellery. is pleased to give artists like her a platform to showcase their flair.



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thank you for the beautiful jewellery set!