CRAFTS OF KHOJ: Stone Painting By Harleen Kaur

A craft suitable for both kids and adults, stone painting lets you be as creative as you want yet trains you to work with limited uneven surfaces. Even though creating art on stones and rocks is not much different than painting paper, canvas, or walls, the uneven and unpredictable surface of the stones and the varied sizes are a challenge each time. Beginners in the art start out on big stones and work their way down to pebbles.

Our creator Geeta Prajapati uses Handpicked rocks from the banks of river Brahmaputra and paints them by hand in various colors and patterns add an interesting look to your desk! Rocks and stones of various shapes and sizes are painted on after assessing their unique shape and finalizing how their natural ridges and bumps can be utilized creatively. Stone painting allows you to include a natural and aesthetic element to your everyday life in a simple way.

Stone painting can easily be a fun activity to do on your own or collectively with your friends or family. A nice gift for the holiday season would be Christmas and new year themed painted stones that your family and friends can remember you by.

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