In school, Suchi loved using different techniques of watercolor painting to create art. She later moved on to learn oil painting, fabric painting as well as sculpting.  Now, her love for designing and hand painting articles is never-ending. Suchi realized she loved working with stone dust powder as it can be adapted into any form. Gradually, this art form evolved from featuring a rather thick design to the minute form that we can observe in many places these days. The art of "Minutia" became a constant for Suchi and she started her brand ‘Divine Guidance Creations’ in the year 2017. “I plan to get patented soon,” says Suchi with glee. Having lived in many cities, what she came to love most about different places was the new cultures and ways of life that always pushed her to keep creating. “I truly believe in the way the universe works and I believe it will help me flourish!”

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