Fun, frivolous and colorful, Mrs. Roseleen Bahl’s persona goes hand in hand with the art she creates. She amalgamates modern embroidery with ages-old art of embroidering on a hoop just like she is an amalgamation of different cultures, as she’s a Christian from Kolkata, married to a Punjabi. How amazing does that sound!

Having inherited the art of embroidery from her mother early on in her childhood, Roseleen began making Hoop Art and Macramé with a little help from the internet. She researched on her own and practiced embroidering flowers and leaves before she settled on unique doll faces as she realized it was something distinctive and great to decorate one’s home with.

She is also passionate about teaching art to children, as she believes that art could shape their young minds for the better and give them a creative escape from the humdrum lives most of us become stuck in. “Art is extraordinary, it lets us take creative liberties when we feel caught up.”

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